The 5 Worst Stoner Movies of all Time

Every cannabis consumer can agree that he or she enjoys watching a movie while high, especially if said movie is a stoner flick. With comedy duos like Cheech and Chong, Seth Rogen and James Franco, and Harold and Kumar, consumers have access to a number of great marijuana movies. Unfortunately though, these classic stoner films aren’t enough to rid the world of all the other stoner films that are arguably some of the worst movies ever made. Many of these movies are low-budget, so the production value, cast, and scripts are low quality, making these some of the worst stoner films ever produced. 

Spacebong Beach Babes” is arguably one of the worst of these stoner movies because just based on the title alone, the concept of the film is ridiculous. Three friends just want to get high and go to the beach but they’re invaded by aliens who come in bong spaceships to take the forms of the three best friends. “Evil Bong 3: The Wrath of Bong” is another horrible stoner flick because an evil bong crashes Earth hoping to take over the world. Eebee, the original evil bong, is the only hope to save the world against the other evil bong and bad stoner movies.


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