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The 5 Worst TV Shows to Watch While High

TV and marijuana are arguably one of the greatest pairings ever made. After a long day, cannabis consumers can enjoy unwinding by smoking some weed and turning on the TV for a nice laugh from “Seinfeld” re-runs or another good laugh from new episodes of “Modern Family”. Now, if you’re in a more serious mood, you can certainly turn on a classic drama like “Law & Order” while carefully enjoying a joint. Sometimes, many of these shows are even better when high, proving how compatible TV and marijuana truly are. This pairing doesn’t always work though, and might sometimes even be one of the worst experiences because many shows require viewers’ full and undivided attention, and smoking might cause more confusion than the stories alone already cause.

Game of Thrones” is one of the absolute worst TV shows to watch while high. Now that the show is on its seventh season, fans are very familiar with all of its characters because they’ve watched them for several years, but new characters continue to be introduced this late in the game. Meeting new characters requires lots of attention, because more often than not in “Game of Thrones” these characters come from the most unusual places with the most unusual names that certainly aren’t easy to remember under the influence of marijuana or not.


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