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The 5 Weirdest Marijuana Edibles Ever Made

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and more people begin to accept marijuana consumption, a new wave of creativity in the form of edibles is on the rise. In the earlier cannabis days, when consumers wanted to eat edibles rather than smoke, one of the only options available was the classic pot brownie. Though it is certainly one of the greatest cannabis creations, consumers are interested in a wider variety of edibles. Rather than craving the more typical sweet baked good, consumers are now asking for more savory and interesting edible selections. As more companies, bakers, and chefs begin to experiment with these edible selections, they’re creating some of the weirdest edibles ever made.

First, certainly one of the more unusual edibles is Mary Jane Juice Co. Almond Milk. Mary Jane Juice Co. is an all organic juice company based out of Los Angeles, California that specializes in THC infused beverages. In addition to the almond milk, Mary Jane also offers ten different carefully crafted flavors that aim to heal any medical pains. The almond milk placed third in the High Times 2017 Cannabis Cup “Top 10 Edibles” category, proving to be a perfect pairing to cereal for a wake and bake morning.


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