The 5 Most Potent Edibles Ever Produced

As a result of the growing cannabis industry, there are more regular cannabis consumers than ever before. While the number of marijuana users continues to grow, the demand for more potent cannabis is also on the rise. The more people smoke, the higher their tolerance, which explains why they are asking for more potent strains and now, why they are also asking for more potent edibles. The larger consumer of these high-dose edibles are older adults who are consuming the edibles in small amounts, or micro-doses, ideal for medical purposes. Most producers don’t recommend consuming edibles in one sitting anyway, so micro-dosing is a smart strategy to gage the edible’s potency.

The Venice Cookie Company makes one of the most potent edibles, “The Elvis”. The cookie is made with cacao, peanut butter, banana, white chocolate, sea salt, and of course cannabis, with 1,000 mg of THC. This cookie is so potent that it warns new edible consumers to choose an edible with a lower potency. Another potent edible is Korova’s Black Bar which contains double the chocolate and double the potency with also a full 1,000 mg THC. The chocolate bar is recommended only for those with extreme pain and a high tolerance.


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