Rather than explore the many tropical places across the world with limitless amounts of wildlife, many people, particularly families, are spending their vacation days at the zoo. Though zoos may seem boring to many, because most of them offer guests the typical wildlife exhibits found in any zoo, many zoos do offer more unique experiences for guests. These experiences, although unique and certainly interesting, are also sometimes strange, at least for zoo standards.

First, though there’s not one particular zoo, many zoos in both Japan and China run fake animal attacks to properly train their staff. At some of these zoos, there are often deadly animals in separate cages that guests can still visit, so safety is certainly the number one priority. In order to ensure guests are safe, the staff must run realistic safety drills for animal escapes, but letting one of these animals roam free just to capture again is too costly and dangerous. Instead, a zookeeper wears an animal costume and the zoo staff practices controlling the “threat” by tranquilizing the “animal” until it is trapped and safe for guests.