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The 5 Most Interesting Animal Facts On The Internet

The animal kingdom is so large, It’s hard to imagine the number of animals that exist in the world because they range in size from a tiny fly all the way to a great blue whale. Some of these animals are more familiar with humans as humans are with them because they live in the same society. Other animals aren’t quite as familiar though because they live in more discreet or unpopulated areas where humans don’t exist. Since the number of animals is endless, the number of facts about these animals is also infinite.

The Pacific Giant Octopus is one of these animals that humans know very little about because they live in the ocean. In order to function in the ocean and maintain their status as the longest living species of octopus, the Pacific Giant has three hearts. Two of its hearts pump blood to the gills while the other heart circulates blood to the rest of the body. Honey bees are another interesting animal with multiple organs, specifically two different stomachs. Their main stomach consumes food for energy like any other stomach, while their second stomach produces honey.


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