The 5 Most Famous Pot-Smoking Characters In Movie History

Long before weed became as accepted as it is today and legalized, it was consumed, smuggled, purchased, sold, and popularized in movies. Although neither legalized medicinally or recreationally at the time several of these films were made, many of the main characters smoked marijuana regularly. Also at the time that many of these films were made, cannabis was more stigmatized than it is now, so the movies shed a positive and mostly ridiculous light on marijuana culture by introducing the world to some of the best characters. Through the consumption of marijuana, cinema created and continues to creates some of the funniest and most famous pot-smoking characters.

Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski from “The Big Lebowski” by the Coen Brothers, is one of the most famous of these pot-smoking movie characters. When The Dude is mistaken for a different, Jeff Lebowski, he is led down a path of violence and chaos where weed helps him maintain his cool mantra, “Life goes on man.”  Another famous pot-smoking character is really two pot-smoking characters, in the pair Harold and Kumar from the “Harold and Kumar” trilogy movies. What may start as a simple trip for Harold and Kumar to satisfy their munchies, turns into an epic adventure in Guantánamo Bay, with Neil Patrick Harris, and burning down a Christmas tree.


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