The 5 Most Famous Marijuana Busts In Football History

Any mention of athletes and drugs leads people to assume steroids, but with the rise of legalization, cannabis is becoming more common among players. Many football players in the NFL are actually becoming very vocal about the benefits of the drug because it has been shown to improve their performance. Athletes also find the drug to be helpful in relieving pain, especially for football players who endure many hits and tackles each game. After retiring from the league, many old players have admitted to smoking weed while playing, but many of the current drug policies prevent athletes from consuming. These policies haven’t stopped football players from consuming though, as many of them have been busted for marijuana possession.

Former Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams is certainly the most vocal in his support and use of the drug. No other athlete has ever created as much controversy over their marijuana use as Ricky Williams has. In 2004, Williams failed three drug tests and faced suspension, which ultimately led him to retire that same year. During this retirement, Williams studied holistic medicine at the California College of Ayurveda and openly used marijuana, saying it was a form of psychotherapy treatment for his social anxiety disorder. Though Williams was never busted for his consumption, a number of other NFL football players have been arrested with the drug.


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