The 5 Most Expensive Home Theaters Ever Built

Every movie buff loves going to the movie theaters for the full experience. Many of these movie buffs also love watching movies from the comfort of their homes, where they can wear their pajamas, talk during the movie, and smoke cannabis. In order to fully experience movies from the comfort of their homes, some movie fans have built elaborate home theaters. A number of these home theaters look like actual movie theaters, equipped with a big screen, concession stand, and comfortable seating. The more expensive home theaters cost millions of dollars to build because they are designed based on a particular theme, which is certainly more elaborate and costly than the typical home movie theater.

The Batcave Home Theater is one of the most expensive home theaters, costing $3.5 million to make. This Dark Knight themed home theater is located in Greenwich, Connecticut, where it took almost two years to construct. Dark Knight Theater is complete with a bookcase that slides open by pulling a Shakespeare statue to reveal a life sized Batmobile and an actual “escape tunnel”. A metal screen cover with the Batman emblem also slides open to reveal the screen. The overall design of the Batman theater combines the look and feel of Gotham City with the cozy and confined Wayne Manor. Four life sized Batuits are also placed throughout the theater.  


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