When choosing a particular cannabis strain to grow, cultivators take into consideration a number of factors, like the plant’s flowering period, yield rate, and flower size. For this reason, cannabis plants are like snowflakes, because each strain has a unique size, shape, structure, color, and high. Now that so many options are available, consumers pay close attention to how their bud looks and feels. Some particular strains may produce buds that are more dense, while other plants may produce more colorful flowers. There are specific marijuana strains that growers and consumers choose when looking for a flower with the largest buds.

Strawberry Kush is a strain that produces some of the largest flower buds. This strain is popular among indoor cultivators because for such a short and small plant size, Strawberry Kush produces a large amount of flowers. The plant will remain small, only reaching roughly 37 inches, over the span of its lifetime, but it produces dense buds that create a calming, heavy body high. Another popular strain that produces some of the largest buds is Sour Diesel. Unlike Strawberry Kush, Sour Diesel is both tall and high yielding. Experts recommend growing outdoors to produce larger quantities and buds.