5 of the Largest Mistakes in Human History

Everyone has a bad day and makes an innocent mistake which can easily be fixed and forgotten. Not every mistake is made equal though, because some mistakes are so big that they can’t be undone or forgotten. Some of these bigger mistakes have serious consequences, as some people may lose their lives, money, company, and even their leisure time, as a result of the error.

The Treaty of Versailles is one of the biggest mistakes ever made in history. At the time that the treaty was agreed upon and signed to end World War I, people around the world were celebrating. Germany was not as excited though, because under the treaty, Germany was assigned liability for reparations and its boundaries were redrawn. This ultimately fueled Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, as he officially denounced the treaty altogether in 1935, which eventually led to the start of World War II. Another big mistake, but certainly less damaging, was United Artists’ CEO David Picker’s decision to turn down “Star Wars” when George Lucas first pitched it as “a poor, destitute film student.” “Star Wars” went on to become the most profitable movie franchise of all time no thanks to Picker.    


Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) isn't the most vocal cannabis advocate on the 2020 presidential campaign trail, but you shouldn't take that as a lack of support for marijuana legalization. Unlike many of the top contenders for the upcoming Democratic primaries, Ryan hasn't filed any of his own cannabis legalization bills.

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