The 5 Craziest Ways to Consume Cannabis

The marijuana industry is crowded with every type of marijuana consumer. Some of these consumers prefer smoking a simple and classic joint to get high, while other consumers don’t enjoy smoking at all, instead opting to eat edibles. Now, as the industry continues to grow, these consumers are finding new ways to consume their cannabis in many nontraditional ways. A number of cannabis enthusiasts and consumers have constructed unique homemade contraptions to consume their marijuana in some of the craziest ways.

The Ice Bong introduces a new way of smoking a bong because it is made completely of ice. Bong users typically add ice to their bongs for a nice, smooth, cool stream of smoke, so a bong made of entirely ice only maximizes these benefits. The marijuana company Eyce created reusable water pipe molds to allow users to create and freeze their own bongs. Also, Starbursts have become more than just a candy and are now one of the crazier ways to consume cannabis. Starbursts are sticky and chewy, which make for the perfect pliable material to construct a quick disposable pipe.


There are plenty of awesome cannabis edibles recipes on the internet. You can make brownies or cookies or even pastas or other dishes. And since making edibles isn’t really that hard, there are recipes to add cannabis to just about any food dish you can imagine.

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