The 5 Craziest Underwater Hotels In The World

When most people vacation, they see themselves on a secluded beach and reading a book they’ve been putting off as the cool ocean water goes up and down the shore. The perfect vacation for many consists of such tropical places and warm weather by the sea. Now, people seek more luxurious and exotic hotels and places, finding a new type of resort that’s certainly an exotic and tropical experience. Many hotels are now being constructed completely or partially underwater for guests to vacation with fish. Although there are very few available, these underwater resorts are some of the most ambitious and unique hotels in the world.

The Manta Resort is one of these hotels that offers special underwater suites in the Pemba Islands off the east coast of Africa. The underwater bedroom is part of a floating structure suite with three levels. The landing deck is at sea level where there’s a lounging area and facilities. Above that is a ladder that leads to the roof with a lounging deck for sunbathing and stargazing. The third level is the underwater bedroom where guests can watch the rarely seen reef fish, two of which have taken up residence around the room. The underwater spotlights attract the shyer and more unusual fish by night, making for a unique experience.


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