The 5 Craziest Restaurants On Earth

Everybody loves to eat and loves food but some people will go to great lengths for the food they eat. This is because now, some restaurants are taking innovation to an extreme by introducing guests to new dining experiences. Whether it be the theme, food, ambiance, or location, the dining experience is being redefined with the introduction of more unique restaurants.

The Pale Blue Door is an example of one of these restaurants because it’s made entirely of scrap materials scavenged from the streets. Renowned artist and set designer Tony Hornecker created this dining installation with the nooks and crannies from his home. His love for travel eventually encouraged him to open more dining installations in London, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and even Glastonbury. Another unique restaurant is Hibari Tei Cafe where all male servers dress as maids in the Akihabara district which is now considered the center of Tokyo’s nerd culture.


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