Netflix is now available to anyone with an internet connection, so watching a movie is easy and simple. For this reason, many people are moving their movie watching experiences to their couches rather than going to an actual movie theater. Many movie fans and critics will argue this because some movies just have to be seen in theaters for the full experience. Now, a number of movie theaters all across the world are actually creating these experiences for audiences by introducing a new way of viewing that is different than the classic movie theater experience.

Secret Cinema is a prime example of one of these movie theaters creating a new experience for audiences. The Secret Cinema is a London-based group that organizes mysterious monthly movie events fusing film, music, art, theatre, and dance to create unique spaces for social encounters, adventures, and discoveries where films come to life. The movie that is screened determines the location of the event, which guests are told the day of. On the day of the screening, viewers meet at the predetermined location where hired actors put on a live-action version of scenes from the movie before the finale, a theatrical showing of the movie itself.