The 5 Craziest Caves You Can Actually Stay In

All the way from New Mexico to Australia, travelers can stop at a number of man-made cave hotels all across the world. Instead of opting to go to luxurious five-star hotels with breathtaking views, travelers are going to more unique hotels underground. With the countless number of cave hotels available, visitors can find caves that are both luxurious and basic.

Cappadocia is actually a region of Turkey famous for its odd rock formations in Monks Valley, so travelers can find a number of cave hotels to choose from. More specifically, the tourists go to explore Bronze Age homes carved into the valley walls by cave dwellers, and later used as refuges by early Christians. Sala Silvermine is another cave hotel that is noted as the deepest hotel in the world at 500 feet underground. The only way to access the luxurious hotel is through a mine lift shaft that takes visitors to their gorgeous suites filled with silver furnishings.


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