The 5 Biggest Ways People Waste Money

When on a budget, there are a number of ways people save money, like either collecting coupons or choosing to cook dinner at home rather than go out so they can indulge in the future. Even though many people spend their money differently, the majority of money wasted across all generations is from dining out. Not necessarily considered a “waste” though, many people are spending their money on purchases that are wasteful.

Many people waste their money on “The World Famous” International Star Registry and other star registry businesses to name a star after themselves certainly because “It’s the number one gift in the universe.” Although they don’t sell the stars, because no one can actually buy a star, the registries allow people to claim their own star with its own name. The names are then cataloged in a star index with their telescope coordinates and published in an official list of star names. In addition to having an official named star, the registry also comes with a star certificate and detailed chart of the star. Although they are important for everyone to read and experience, books are another purchase people waste their money on because they are free at any local library.


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