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The 5 Best Wines For $10 or Less

After a long day, a tall glass of wine is the perfect nightcap. For wine connoisseurs especially, this is certainly a daily ritual. Tasting new wines can be quite costly though, particularly for those wine drinkers who have a taste for high-quality wines but are also on a tight budget. Even though there is plenty of bad cheap wine, great wine doesn’t have to be expensive. Many connoisseurs who don’t have the means to support their drinking can still enjoy tasting great wines without struggling to pay for it.

A prime example of a cheap but fine wine is 2006 Santa Isabel Torrontés, which is only $7 and yet still considered a high quality wine. The crisp white wine, mixed with a nice blend of anise, peach, and tropical fruit, is a lower-priced line from Argentina’s respected Bodegas Nieto Senetiner. Nieto Senetiner Winery dates back to 1888, and has been passing along the secrets to fine winemaking ever since. The winery has over 900 acres of vineyards in its three estates, where plenty of high quality grapes are grown. This process of creating the best quality wines continues in their wineries, where they pay special attention to the treatment of the grapes.


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