The 5 Best TV Shows That Feature Marijuana Prominently

As marijuana continues to gain support across the United States, seeing more states legalize the drug, and across the world, where countries are becoming more lenient, the drug is making more appearances in pop culture. The growing tolerance of marijuana is becoming more obvious not just in the public opinion but also in its depictions of marijuana usage in TV and film.  Particularly on the small screen, weed is becoming less stigmatized than it once was, as the “only lazy and unproductive people smoke weed” television trope, once a favorite of sitcoms, is becoming less prevalent.

First, although the show has been gone for years, “That 70’s Show” was largely centered around the characters smoking weed and contemplating life while sitting in a basement with their close-knit friend group. For eight seasons, the friends sat around in their famous circle smoking while not explicitly referencing what they were smoking until they were caught in a later season. The friends even had a stereotypical middle-aged stoner friend named Leo, played by the legendary stoner himself, Tommy Chong. Another popular show that realistically depicts marijuana usage is Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s “Broad City”. As Abbi pursues a career as an illustrator and Ilana pursues her career as an unemployed woman, the duo walks the streets of New York City hitting their vape and hosting weed bar house parties.


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