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The 5 Best TV Scenes Of All Time

Many TV viewers may argue that we are currently in a golden age of television and the mass selection of shows only continues to grow, elongating this epic era of television. While the TV writers create and write a countless number of shows, characters, and lines of dialogue, the actors bring the scenes to life, grabbing on the viewer’s every emotion. Although new episodes and shows have yet to premiere or even be produced, some of the best TV scenes have already had this effect on fans as millions of viewers have watched.

Breaking Bad” features one of the best TV scene of all time when Walter White says, “I am the one who knocks.” At this particular moment, Walter’s wife Skyler urges Walter  to quit the game to seek help from the police and admit he’s in danger, but instead admits that he is the danger. In this pivotal moment, Walter White becomes Heisenberg which actor Bryan Cranston describes, “It was a transitional period for him, where we saw remnants… There was never a switch going from Walter White to Heisenberg. There was never a pulling down [of] a lever. It was gradual. It was losing Walt and gaining some of Heisenberg. And then it switches.”  


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