The 5 Best Pieces of Useless Trivia On The Internet

Instead of the traditional game night, people are now going to bars for trivia which takes place almost every night of the week. Friends and families are coming up with the weirdest team names to put their heads together in some serious trivia competitions and games that test their knowledge on film, music, geography, science, pop culture, and any other random worldly or unworldly topic. Some of these trivia players are very serious and competitive, so they certainly require some light studying and research to prepare them for the fun competition. For this reason, the world and internet are filled with useless trivia facts.

One of the more interesting of these facts is about one of the most interesting authors, Theodor Geisel, more commonly known as Dr. Seuss. “The Cat in the Hat” uses 225 different words, so Seuss’s editor Bennett Cerf bet he couldn’t write a book with just 50 words. Seuss was never one to back down from a challenge, so he sat down and wrote his famous book “Green Eggs and Ham” which uses exactly 50 different words. Another interesting bit of trivia is that the door opening sound on the “Star Trek” Enterprise starship is in fact the sound of paper sliding from an envelope.


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