The 5 Best New Jobs In 2017

For an entire time period, a single job can sometimes serve as a watermark. For instance, the Renaissance certainly wouldn’t exist without its artists and the Industrial Revolution certainly wouldn’t exist without its coal miners. In another fifty years, people won’t be talking about artists or coal miners, but the everyday people who are working to shape our future today. Now, as culture and priorities are evolving, new jobs are constantly created to reflect what’s important in 2017.

Although not very common, Stimulate Astronaut is a recently created job with a goal of answering the single question: is a Mars mission humane? Funded by NASA and run by the University of Hawai’i, the HI-SEAS mission takes trained professionals to a Mars simulation on the slopes of a Hawaiian volcano for months at a time. The longest HI-SEAS mission lasted for a year. The crew lives in a 1,200-square-foot dome that is perched on an old rock quarry comparable to the geology of Mars. During their mission, the crew works on a number of projects including designing space suits and observing plant growth. New simulated space travelers will continue this work in attempts to discover if a Mars mission is in fact humane or not.


After a battery of tests and misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease twelve years ago, and thus began a long battle with trial-and-error medical treatments. I changed my diet several times, even though my doctors didn’t seem confident it would change much (it didn’t), went to physical therapy for pain-related issues, and took so many different pharmaceuticals I can’t even begin to recall each and every one. My days were foggy due to side effects from pharmaceuticals, such as steroids, that made me feel worse than I did before I even took them.

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