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The 5 Best Mindf*%# Movies of All Time

Many audiences attend and watch movies to kick back, relax, and escape from their realities, but some movies are made for just the opposite, sometimes causing viewers lots of stress instead. These movies are psychological thrillers and horror flicks intended to make audiences cringe and feel every emotion imaginable. Viewers often leave these films even more confused because they are meant to make audiences think. Some of these movies are the best mindf*%# of all time that you’ll always continue being confused.  

The Truman Show” is one of these films considered a mindf*%# because it’s about an insurance salesman who realizes his entire life is a reality TV show. The world Truman Burbank lives in is in fact a giant studio with hidden cameras everywhere, with actors playing his family, friends, and everyone around him. In reality, Truman was an unwanted pregnancy whose father is a TV producer who created the show, or the greatest show on Earth. “Requiem for a Dream” is another example of a  mindf*%# movie because it shows the lives of four shattered addicts living in drug-induced utopias. After watching this intense, wicked ride of emotions, viewers will certainly appreciate everything that they have in life.  


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