Drinking while on vacation is extremely common and sometimes expected because alcohol is available for consumption all across the world. Now that marijuana legalization is spreading around the globe, more cannabis consumers are looking to travel to places where they can vacation and smoke. Rather than stressing about being in a new place, travelers can finally relax a bit knowing they’re in the comfort of fellow cannabis consumers.

First, in the United States, one of the best places to travel as a cannabis user is of course Colorado, one of the pioneers in marijuana legalization. Even though just visiting, in June 2016 the state ruled that tourists can purchase up to 28 grams of marijuana from any operational recreational dispensary. Although, with all of Colorado’s beautiful mountains and outdoor activities, visitors are likely to forget about the cannabis because the state has plenty more to offer. If looking to vacation outside of the United States, Spain is the perfect marijuana getaway. In addition to hosting Europe’s largest cannabis event, Spannabis, Spain’s system of collective cultivation and social clubs makes for a great vacation destination.