Finding the perfect name for a baby can be quite the challenging task. Some names are just outdated or overused, so many parents are naming their kids with more unique and unusual names. Some of these names become easy targets for other kids to make fun of though, because they may sound like another word or reference something in pop culture worth noting. The names that certainly face challenges like these are those that are marijuana-related, whether it be intentional or not. Unfortunately, a number of celebrities have marijuana-related names that every cannabis consumer certainly knows. 

First, Seth Green. Green is often used to refer to marijuana, and with the content that Seth Green is producing, including “Robot Chicken” and “Family Guy”, it’s no surprise marijuana is attached to his name. Jared Kushner is another celebrity and public figure with a marijuana-related name. Kush often refers to an indica strain of marijuana, which is now associated with the new Middle East policy specialist. During a brief trip to Iraq, Kushner wore a flak jacket and blazer that read “KUSH” across the front. The internet and social media of course found this snapshot hilarious, as it spawned a number of memes and tweets about Kushner.