The 5 Best Marijuana Expos for the Rest of 2017

The marijuana industry is growing as it introduces new producers, cultivators, manufacturers, and all sorts of enthusiasts into the market. As these innovators are creating new products for the industry, they’re planning events to launch and share with other marijuana producers. For this reason, 2017 has been, and still is busy with cannabis events every week, celebrating legalization and the many benefits and uses for the drug. Some of these events are new and just launching for the very first time, but other events have been hosting some of the best in the industry for a number of years. Though 2017 is nearly coming to a close, and many are already planning for next year’s activities, some of the best marijuana expositions are still to come.

The fourth annual Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is expected to host some of the industry’s leading entrepreneurs, health care providers, investors, professional, and business service providers of all kinds in September and October. The exposition is held twice a year times in the three largest media, financial, and business markets, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. These events are the only business-to-business forums that focus on educating and connecting professionals optimizing the business opportunities within the U.S. cannabis industry.


If you're hosting a celebration for 4/20, you may be looking for creative ways to spruce up old edible classics like chocolate chip pot cookies. And with the weather beginning to heat up, you may want to transform those simple pot cookies into cookies and cream popsicles. This recipe, designed by cannabis chef Monica Lo, creator of Sous Weed, is easy to execute and incorporates Original Pot Co.

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