The 5 Best Marijuana-Related Events Still to Come in 2017

The marijuana industry is growing at an exponential rate as it introduces new producers, cultivators, manufacturers, and all sorts of enthusiasts into the business. As these new businesses are joining the industry, they too are introducing new products and ideas, hoping to contribute to the growing marijuana market. In order for this marijuana market to continue to grow, many of these businesses, producers, and enthusiasts are hosting events to launch new products, or simply to introduce new businesses into the market. Though 2017 is slowly coming to a close, there some of the best marijuana events still to come for the remainder of the year.

Sure, call us biased, but the Always Legal to Laugh event hosted by ourselves and The Second City is one of the best events still to come in 2017. The Second City is a world-renowned improv theater that is now collaborating with Civilized to host an event celebrating the end of prohibition with an unforgettable night of comedy and cannabis. The event will feature iconic material from The Second City archives, original sketches about modern cannabis culture, and The Second City’s world-famous improvisation. The event will showcase some of the theater’s best comics for two nights at the Montalbán Theatre.

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