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The 5 Best Impressions Of Michael Caine's Cockney Accent

Michael Caine's signature cockney accent is often imitated by fans and fellow actors that love doing impressions of his working-class dialect. The cockney accent became a trademark for Caine early in his career, when he stood out from his peers by retaining his cockney accent instead of adopting the posh dialect used by other British actors.

"I kept my cockney accent in order to let other working class boys know that if I made it they could do it too," Caine later said.

But there's always a price for success. And for Caine, that has been putting up with people imitating his distinct voice for decades. So to celebrate his 84th birthday, we've put together a collection of the very best Michael Caine impressions.

1. Peter Sellers

One of the earliest -- and best -- Michael Caine impersonators was legendary comedian Peter Sellers. The Pink Panther star set the standard for future impressions by giving Caine the catchphrase, "Not many people know that." Check it out. 

2. Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show host couldn't stop himself from breaking out his Caine impression last year when guest Daniel Radcliffe discussed working with the legendary actor in the magic-themed heist movie 'Now You See Me 2'. Radcliffe said that Caine caught Fallon doing the impression earlier and critiqued it for the cast and crew on set.

"At one point you were on your show doing a Michael Caine impression and he was watching that night in his trailer," Radcliffe said. "He came out of his trailer and reviewed your impression very positively."

But how do you think Fallon stacks up against Sellers?

3. Kevin Spacey

Jimmy Fallon did a decent Caine impression for Radcliffe. But he got shown up on his own show when Kevin Spacey stopped by for a battle of duelling impressions. When Fallon fumbled his take on Caine, Spacey picked it up and ran with it.


4. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan

While chatting over lunch in the 2010 series 'The Trip', British actors Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan started riffing off each other's impressions of Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The scene quickly turns into a Monty Python sketch with both actors bantering as Alfred.

"I'm not gonna bury another Batman."

"Another Batman? How many Batmans have there been?"

"I've buried fourteen Batmen -- put their pointy little ears in a box."

"I'm not gonna bury another nylon cloak."

5. Michael Caine

Yes, Caine's accent is so infamous that even he does a sendup of it. "I sound like a bloody moron," he complained after doing the impression back in 2011. And he was even more cranky about how the spoof has been marketed. "They have me on birthday cards: 'It's your birthday today, not many people know that.'" 


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