The 5 Best High Altitude Restaurant Experiences on Earth

Everyone likes to go out for a nice dinner as an excuse to dress up while also enjoying a delicious meal. Some people especially enjoy going out for a nice dinner if there’s an even nicer view that overlooks the city. Many restaurants are now offering heightened dining experiences thousands of feet above the ground with panoramic views. Some of these restaurants are located on the top floors of the highest buildings in the world, so diners are certainly there for the experience and pictures. There are certainly a few high altitude restaurants that offer guests the best dining experiences.

At.mosphere restaurant is probably the highest of these restaurants as it sits in the tallest building in the world in Burj Khalifa, Dubai. The restaurant sits 442 meters off the ground on the 122nd floor where diners overlook beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf. In addition to the breathtaking views, At.mosphere offers some of the finest dining in Dubai with a critically acclaimed menu using some of the freshest ingredients from across the world, along with some ingredients that have been grown exclusively for At.mosphere.


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