The 5 Best Date Ideas For Marijuana Users

Planning a date can be hard when you’re in a new relationship, but it’s especially difficult when planning a marijuana-friendly date. Many drinkers have it easy because there is a cool, new bar on every corner, so planning a date at a bar is a simple task. Although marijuana consumers are known for “going with the flow”, when it comes to dating, they can’t. Fortunately, though there aren’t many cool, new marijuana bars, there are a number of great places and date ideas to take your significant other for an interesting high experience.

There are two different kinds of marijuana consumers; the social ones and the antisocial ones, which is important to keep in mind when planning a marijuana infused date. For those social marijuana dates, a concert is the perfect place to take your significant other. Music and marijuana already have a strong relationship, so pairing them with a date will only make the concert that more fun. Also, another great date idea for the social cannabis consumer is a picnic. After eating the lunch and extra munchies you packed, you’ll just want to cuddle up on the picnic blanket next to your partner.  


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