The 5 Best Bored-At-Work Browser Games on the Internet

After spending hours doing the same work all day, in the same place, everyone is guaranteed to get bored at work at least once. Some people go on brief walks to get over their boredom to perform better for the rest of the day, while other people just stay at their desks playing computer games. Not every computer game will pass in a work environment though, because some games are more active than others. Also, no longer are people limited to only Solitaire and Minesweeper, two games found on any computer, because there are a number of gaming websites that have several games free of charge and download for users.

Tetris is one of the most classic and easiest of these computer games to play when bored at work. Instead of going to an arcade with a bag of coins, you can play for free online. The Tetris website also offers many different modes and versions to play so you won’t have to worry about getting bored. The Wiki Game is another popular game people play when they’re bored at work. Originally the game just started on the actual Wikipedia website, but there’s now a Wiki Game website where users can choose different versions of the game they want to play. The basic game typically starts on a random topic and the player has ten clicks to get to the page of another random topic.


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