The 420 Holiday Experience with The High Standards Agency

The High Standards Agency is an elevated cannabis lifestyle showroom and marketing agency focused on strengthening brands and products that enhance everyday life. The agency recently hosted their 420 Holiday Experience on Friday, April 20th, to continue enhancing everyday life for fellow consumers, enthusiasts, and brands with a yoga workshop, CBD massages, skateboarding, joint rolling, and more. The event was located at Hive California, where guests were celebrating the holiday in addition to recreation passing in Los Angeles.


Citing supply shortages, Ontario announced Thursday that they would now be taking a “phased approach” to issuing cannabis retail licenses. Despite earlier claims that they would not be capping the number of licenses for retail pot shops, they announced Thursday that they would, in fact, be limiting the number of licenses dispensed in April to 25. The province says that the licenses will be issued though a lottery system overseen by a third party to “ensure equality and transparency.” This, of course, is following the Progressive Conservative’s stark change in cannabis policy for the province after defeating the Ontario Liberal government in 2018.