The 4 Weirdest Marijuana Stories From 2017 (So Far)

While marijuana legalization continues to grow in support, the number of crazy marijuana stories continues to grow as well. Even though it is legal in some states, recent arrests reveal that people are willing to go to great lengths for marijuana. Some offenders spend time in jail and then upon their release, they get right back into their marijuana truck, committing crimes that mirror their previous marijuana offenses. Although it’s legal in many states, people are clearly still partaking in illegal activity in attempts to sell, which is unfortunate for the booming marijuana industry right now because regardless of their support for the drug, their crazy marijuana stories don’t help or contribute to this growing business.

In 1989, 64 Kentucky residents, known as the “Cornbread Mafia”, were growing and distributing marijuana on their leader, John “Johnny” Boone’s farm in Springfield, where Kentucky State Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration found more than 2,400 marijuana plants on Boone’s farm. The group, made up of mostly people from Kentucky, pooled their money, knowledge, and labor to produce $350 million of marijuana in nine states. After a warrant was issued for his arrest, Boone fled and now faces up to life in prison as he finally returns to the United States after spending eight years on the lam.


One need not look further than the decades of debate over cannabis to see that alternative medical treatments often get a bad rap. Federal prohibition of marijuana — classified as a Schedule I drug alongside stigmatized substances like heroin — conflicts growing scientific evidence proving cannabis' efficacy for a variety of medical conditions. Now, in order to demonstrate the cannabis plant's medical clout, GoFire, a new dispensation product and app based out of Denver, isd taking a community based approach.