The 4 Best Marijuana-Themed Restaurants On Earth

While the marijuana industry continues to grow, the marijuana laws continue to change. Some of these laws allow for new restaurants to offer cannabis-infused dishes for guests to enjoy. Many restaurants are starting to open in locations where marijuana is legal, so consumers can purchase the cannabis of their liking and eat it at the restaurant of their liking. Guests are certainly required to have a medical marijuana card to allow them to eat from a selection of some of the best marijuana-infused restaurants in the world.

Cheba Hut is a marijuana-infused restaurant chain that has been around since 1998, when creator Scott Jennings decided to infuse food and marijuana. The restaurant serves “toasted” subs on garlic “herb” bread, with a “secret stash” of “home-grown” spices. Cheba Hut has 20 unique locations in Arizona, Colorado, California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. is another cannabis-infused restaurant located in New York City. This is the first marijuana experience dedicated to fine dining while highlighting local ingredients because is not about getting high but about the cuisine.


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