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The 10 Worst Countries to Get Caught with Marijuana In

Marijuana legalization is becoming acceptance in the United States and elsewhere, but some countries have yet to join this progress. Some countries have very strict and outdated drug laws that they continue to enforce and crack down on drug users, specifically marijuana users. Some countries simply don’t want their citizens to have access to cannabis medically or recreationally, but those who do have access, may face some severe punishments.

Malaysia is quite possibly the worst country to get caught smoking marijuana in. If found planting just one cannabis seed, offenders may face a life sentence in prison. The country goes even further if someone is found in possession of over 200 grams, they’re sentenced to death. Saudi Arabia is also the worst place to get caught smoking weed because it, too, can lead to the death penalty. First time offenders face six months in jail, second time offenders are sentenced to seven years in prison, and the third offense results in the death penalty. And Singapore is not a place to bring any of your weed, or weed-related accessories, either. You know what, just stay out of most of Asia if you're into consuming medical or recreational marijuana.

The long story short is that if you are a cannabis consumer, and you live in the United States or Canada, there's a good chance that you are living in one of the most lenient places in the world when it comes to cannabis. Sure, there are plenty of states in the US that will throw you in jail for the most minor marijuana offenses (we're looking at you most of the Midwest and the South). And yes, Amsterdam is by far the most lenient locale in the world when it comes to...well, almost anything. But while there is still an important fight to be fought against the current administration in the US, things could be much, much worse. And if you live in Canada, well, you are less than a year away from marijuana being fully federally legalized. 


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