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The 10 Greatest Restaurants In Anchorage, Alaska

Travelling to faraway places like Alaska offers great opportunities to experience new foods that you can't get at home. But if you don't know which restaurants to check out, each meal becomes a missed opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture.

So to help you navigate the restaurant terrain up north, here are the 10 greatest restaurants in Anchorage - Alaska's largest city. Which has plenty of delicious venues to feed its 400,000 residents.

1. Snow City Cafe

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The Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage is the top breakfast spot in the city according to Foursqaure. And it's no surprise with deadly dishes like the Kodiak Benedict - poached eggs served with Alaskan king crab cakes. And if you want to add another local delicacy to your plate, you can also get a side of reindeer sausage.

2. Jackie's Place

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For a more down-home breakfast, stop by Jackie's Place in the Spenard neighborhood of Anchorage. The folksy, friendly atmosphere is the perfect thing to fight off homesickness while you're abroad.

3. Great Harvest Bread Co.

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The Great Harvest Bread Co. in midtown Anchorage is perfect for a quick but filling lunch. They have standard fare like ham and cheese sandwiches as well as more adventurous choices like smoked salmon.

But the gourmet breads baked fresh daily are the best part, with selections like parmesan basil rustic, asiago pesto and peanut butter chocolate chip. 

4. Tia's Gourmet Sausage and Hot Dog

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If you're in a rush while touring downtown, grab some street meat at Tia's Gourmet Sausage and Hot Dog. Which offers reindeer sausage as well as more traditional eats like bratwurst, Italian sausages and gyros.

5. Moose's Tooth Pub and Pizzeria

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The slices at the Moose's Tooth aren't just great by Alaskan standards. They're one of the very best in America, according to, which listed this pizzeria at #3 in their 2015 rankings of the best pizza in the country. The pub also offers 20 of their very own craft beers on tap to wash down their stone-baked pizzas.

6. Sushi Sushi

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Anchorage has no shortage of seafood joints, but the best of the best is arguably midtown's Sushi Sushi -- the city's top sushi restaurant on Foursquare. The robust lunch and dinner menus include exotic items like soft shell crab, flying fish and sea urchin.

7. Arctic Roadrunner

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Burger fans should plan to head out to Anchorage's outskirts and check out the Arctic Roadrunner. The city's best burger joint according to Foursquare. Along with beef burgers, you can order halibut sandwiches, grilled cheese and some of the best milkshakes in town.

8. Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse

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If you want to soak up some local sides while having lunch or dinner downtown, head over to Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse, which boasts the largest selection of beers in the state. Their collection includes local brews like Denali Flattop Pale Ale, Midnight Sun Sockeye Red and Big Sky Moose Drool Brown Ale.

9. Crow's Nest

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If wine is more your thing, stop by the Crow's Nest in downtown Anchorage's Hotel Captain Cook. The restaurant's wine cellar houses over 10,000 bottles. And it's not called Crow's Nest for nothing. While eating duck prosciutto or king crab legs, you can feast your eyes on the venue's 360-degree views of the city skyline, featuring the Chugach Mountains.

10. Alaska Cake Studio

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For sit-down dessert or a sweet treat on the go, check out the Alaska Cake Studio. This downtown cafe has a wide selection to satisfy your sweet tooth -- whatever the size. They have bite-sized treats like salted merlot bonbons. Snacks like Key Lime pyramids (like open-face cupcakes). And adventurous desserts like bacon cheesecake. Yes, that's a thing. And it's amazing.


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