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The 10 Best First-Time Patient Dispensary Deals in the United States

If you just got your medical marijuana card, you may be wondering what the best first-time patient deals are in dispensaries throughout the United States. As more and more people seek cannabis to treat their medical conditions, more marijuana dispensaries are offering great deals and specials to first-time patients making a purchase in the store. Checking out first-time patient deals at dispensaries is a great way to experience the different atmospheres and product selections of cannabis shops in states where medical cannabis is legal. To give you an idea of what to look for, here we list 10 of the best first-time patient dispensary deals in the United States. 

1. Welcome Gift Bags

Many dispensaries give first-time patients a gift bag to showcase the typesmarijuana strains, products, and accessories available at the shop, such as flower, pipes, edibles, clothes, or vape pens. 

2. Buy One Get One Free

One of the best first-time patient deals dispensaries in the United States offer is the buy-one-get-one deal. Many dispensaries will match select flower strains, concentrate products, and edibles for a patient's first purchase. 

3. Free Gram of Your Choice of Bud

Lots of dispensaries offer first-time patients their choice of a free gram of cannabis flowers. 

4. Gift Card

Some dispensaries give first-time patients or customers a little free money to help them with a purchase in the shop.

5. Half Off Your First Purchase

First-time patients sometimes enjoy a 50% discount off their entire purchase at dispensaries in the United States.

6. Reduced Top-Shelf Prices

Many dispensaries put a cap on how much they charge a new patient for top-shelf cannabis flower.

7. Free Delivery

Some dispensaries will waive the first delivery fee for a new patient.

8. Free Pre-Rolled Joints with First Purchase

Many dispensaries will give a few pre-rolled joints to patients that make their first purchase.

9. Buy ¾ Ounce get ¼ Ounce Free

Some dispensaries give patients the last ¼ ounce free when they purchase an entire ounce. 

10. Free Rolling Services

There are many dispensaries that help first-time patients with rolling flower they buy into smokeable joints. 


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