Texas Woman Arrested For Marijuana Possession, Promptly Gets Requests For Makeup Tutorials

A Texas woman arrested earlier this year for possession of marijuana has become something of a makeup icon after her glamorous arrest photo was posted to Twitter last month.

The mugshot quickly became viral after the photo was posted onto the strange and somewhat distasteful Twitter account "Mugshot Baes," which regularly posts photos of attractive women who have been arrested.

The woman, 19 year-old Marshala Perkins, was arrested while driving back in February for possession of two grams of marijuana while out with friends. Speaking with the Star-Telegram, Perkins said that her look that night was not intended to be anything special.

"I was actually bored that night. I was just going to go out with my friends looking the way I was looking."

Twitter / Account Suspended

The tweet, which has garnered over 280,000 likes so far, is by far the most popular from the account, setting Twitter ablaze with people looking to get some tips from the aspiring makeup artist.

While many people slapped with minor drug offences find it difficult to obtain work with a criminal record, this young woman may have just inadvertently jumpstarted her career in the world of online makeup tutorials, which, unlike marijuana, are totally addictive.


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