Texas Republican Party Supports Marijuana Decriminalization and Reclassifying Cannabis at Federal Level

While the Democratic Party in major states like New York has come out in support of marijuana legalization in recent months, the Republican Party continues to stay silent on the issue. But now one state's GOP is taking a major stand on the issue.

The Republican Party in Texas passed four marijuana related planks for their official platform. The GOP delegates approved planks that included the decriminalization of cannabis possession, an expansion of the state's limited medical marijuana program, support for hemp farming and they called on the federal government to change cannabis' status as a Schedule I controlled substance. Over 10,000 delegates voted on these policies this weekend, making it the official platform of the Texas Republican Party.

Of course, while Republican delegates may support these ideas, that doesn't mean their candidates will. Senator Ted Cruz is up for re-election this November, and he's repeatedly opposed marijuana legalization, although he has signaled that he will support states who decide to legalize it. And Congressman Pete Sessions is considered one of the most anti-marijuana politicians in America, and he will also be up for re-election this November.

So while it may be a great sign that Republicans in a deep red state like Texas support loosening marijuana laws, it still won't really matter if they continue electing pro-Prohibition candidates.

(h/t Forbes)


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