Tesla Just Introduced A Crazy New Sketch Pad

Imagine a flatulent unicorn surrounded by smiley faces, a rainbow, and a car seemingly vacuuming up the mythical creature’s gaseous emissions. That is Tesla’s new feature, Sketch Pad. Tesla and SpaceX co-founder Elon Musk took to Twitter to post this creative drawing to introduce Tesla’s new feature, which comes with the software update, V8.1. To access the Sketch Pad, drivers simply have to press “T” three times on their touchscreens which then turns completely white. Drivers can then choose between a marker, pen, or eraser as well as colors and size of their drawings. When they are done with their sketch, they will be asked, “Are you sure want Tesla to critique your artistic masterpiece?”, to which the correct answer is, “Yes, I’m an Artist!”


In the old days, weed "branding" was defined by plastic baggies, pot leaf imagery, tie-dye, and in some cases, imagery of conventionally hot girls in bikinis or booty shorts. The messages back then revolved around weed as a stereotypically male stoner pastime, whilst alienating women, or those who didn't appreciate the strip club aesthetic in connection to their medicinal or recreational products. But in recent years, and especially in legal states, this has all begun to change.

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