Office Linebacker Terry Tate Takes Down Donald Trump

Terry Tate Office linebacker has struck again. Actor Lester Speight reprised his role as the fictional football player last weekend, starring in an election-themed Funny or Die sketch. The spoof features real footage of Donald Trump stepping off the infamous Access Hollywood bus after making his crude comments about women ten years ago. Then Tate comes out of nowhere and steamrolls Trump, who was been replaced with a stand-in through some clever editing.

"That's how Terry Tate makes America great, baby!" Tate yells before lecturing The Donald about his inappropriate conduct. 

The sketch is a well-timed throwback to a series of Reebok ads featuring Terry the office linebacker laying down the law at the fictional Felcher & Sons firm.

Here's a look back at his greatest hits.

1. The Original

The original "office linebacker" commercial from 2002 introduced Tate as a corporate enforcer who mercilessly tackled anyone who forgot to refill the coffee pot, walked off with someone else's pen, or committed other office infractions. 

2. Draft Day

Things got rocky at Felcher & Sons when the firm an office draft to select a rival linebacker named Courtney Cate. But Tate refused to show any fear.

"Do I look worried to you?" he shouted in the ad. "Man, nobody's downsizing this. I'm done when I say I'm done."

Eventually the two put aside their differences and worked together to rain pain down on anyone who messed up a flowchart or walked off with the restroom key.

3. Vacation

Tate loved his job as office linebacker so much that he didn't take a day off from Felcher & Sons for 1,000 straight days. Eventually, human resources had to step in and mandate a break. But Tate found a use for his skills while on vacation -- making his hotel more efficient.

"I wanted those eggs 40 minutes ago," he yelled after plastering a poor kid from room service. "Don't make me scramble you again, son."

4. Office Athlete of the Year

The fourth instalment of the ad series took a look back at how Tate got his start as an office linebacker. He was recruited by Felcher & Sons after the CEO spotted Tate interrupting his own mime performance to take down a disrespectful patron. 

"Your ass is trapped in my box now, baby. Terry's pantomime box of pain!" he shouts.

The ad also features the person that Terry replaced as officer enforcer - a biathlete who shot bad employees and skied away from the scene of the crime.

5. Sensitivity Training

When a coworker complained about Tate making light of his lactose intolerance, the office linebacker was forced to take sensitivity training. But Tate scoffed at the ideas that he discriminated against his colleague. 

"My tackling knows no race, gender or creed. I'm an equal opportunity hitting machine, baby."

6. Sarah Palin, Parts 1 and 2

Donald Trump's not the first Republican politician to get blindsided by Tate. During the 2008 presidential election, Tate tried to keep vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin honest by tackling her when she tried to avoid difficult questions.

"Das vedanya, baby," he yelled after Palin dodged a question about Russia.

7. Getting Out the Vote

Terry Tate is also a democracy linebacker, willing to clothesline anyone who doesn't think voting matters. So if you know someone who's planning on skipping the polls on November 8th, send along this clip as a warning.


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