Tennessee Democratic Party Votes to Support Medical Marijuana

As polls show record numbers of Americans supporting medical marijuana, it's only a matter of time before our nation's politicians jump on the bandwagon as well. And it looks like Tennessee Democrats want to be the first ones aboard.

The Tennessee Democrats announced that they've added medical marijuana to their official party platform. A Democratic committee member there's a “growing body of research about the benefits” of medical marijuana, and said he believes it could help the state lower its rates of opioid abuse.

Legislators in Tennessee have been researching the possible benefits of medical marijuana throughout 2017 to examine whether or not the state should legalize it. But there does not seem to be any progress on that front. Tennessee is also a Republican stronghold, so the support of Democrats may not be enough to push medicinal cannabis over the edge and turn it into law. The Democrats also voted to extend health care coverage throughout the state and also proposed raising the minimum wage. 

It will be interesting to see if Democrats adopt medical marijuana as part of the national party platform. It would be another way to widen the party's appeal, and it would also create a clear distinction between the two parties, as Republicans tend to hold more archaic views of cannabis.

(h/t Leafly)


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