Marijuana Use Amongst Teens at 20 Year Low Despite Legalization

One of the most common arguments against marijuana legalization is that it will lead to kids and teens smoking more pot and becoming drug addicts. Won't anyone think about the children! Well, actually it turns out legalization hasn't caused an increase in teens using marijuana. In fact, the number of teens doing so is at an all time low.

The Washington Post reported on a recent national survey that found that marijuana use amongst teenagers is actually at it's lowest rate in 20 years. This is despite an increasing number of states with both legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana. The number of people above the age of 18 using marijuana increased significantly, but that was not seen amongst teenagers who cannot legally use cannabis products.

And before someone says, "Well, maybe the number of teenagers using marijuana only went down in states where recreational is still illegal," a report earlier this week found that the number of teens using marijuana decreased in Washington in the years following recreational legalization. 

Another interesting detail from the report was that the number of people who drank alcohol in the past month decreased one percent last year as opposed to 2015. That may not seem too significant, but considering there's considerable evidence that alcohol use is way worse than marijuana use, that could be seen as a good sign.

So the next time someone tells you how marijuana is going to poison the nation's youth, be sure to point out that pretty much every single piece of tangible evidence says that's not true.


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