Teens Reveal That Some Cool Things Are Timeless (The Beatles) And Some Are Not (VICE)

The Beatles are cool, according to teens...so, you know, rest assured. 

This is just one of the remarkable findings of a research document produced by Google titled 'It’s Lit: A Guide To What Teens Think Is Cool'.

The online search giant asked 400 U.S. teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 – a demographic known as Generation Z, which comprises those born in the early 2000s – to rank today’s biggest brands by their ‘coolness.’ 

Among the results: Facebook is cooler than Twitter, YouTube is cooler than Netflix, Oreos are cooler than Doritos, and the Wall Street Journal is unequivocally uncool – oh, and Vice, too.

In terms of musical tastes – beyond the British singing group long deemed to be the greatest band of all time – teens apparently dig Drake, Beyonce and Coldplay; or in other words, musicians that make them “feel something.” A ground-breaking insight if there ever was one.

Teens also really like Pokemon, pizza and Converse shoes.

As for what actually makes something cool, apparently there’s a pretty big gender divide, with teen boys proving more likely to be persuaded that something is cool by fads or friends, and teen girls determining whether something is cool based on how it makes them feel.

Read the full report (or scream at your computer screen) here.


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