Ted Nugent Says He's 'Stepped Over So Many Dead Bodies' Who Told Him Marijuana Is Safe

Ted Nugent isn't known for having rational opinions on anything, including President Barack Obama, liberals, gun control or basically anything politically related. And now we can add marijuana legalization to the list.

Nugent gave an interview to a Michigan radio station and was asked about his thoughts on the state's upcoming ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. Nugent said he opposes the initiative, and then he went into a rant about how many people he's seen die from marijuana use.

“I have stepped over so many dead bodies who tried to convince me that smoking dope was a victimless crime,” Nugent said. "Jimi Hendrix offered me dope and I turned it down, Keith Moon offered me dope and whiskey and I turned it down. I have witnessed the destruction of the most brilliant talents in the world because they were high.”

For the record, Hendrix actually died due to barbiturates, and Moon died from overdosing on sedatives. 

This isn't the first time Nugent has stated his opposition to marijuana legalization. Nugent appeared on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast back in June, and the two of them butted heads over cannabis as well.

Nugent does say he's in favor of medical marijuana, which is a strange position to hold if you also believe the drug killed some of your friends. 

Luckily no one with rational thought actually listens to Nugent, so we don't think this will be the big turning point that causes Michigan's marijuana initiative to fail.

(h/t High Times)


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