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Teacher Arrested for Asking Why Superintendent Got a Raise While Teacher Salaries Remain Stagnant

On Monday January 8, 2018, Louisiana teacher Deyshia Hargrave was arrested after asking a question at a school board meeting with the superintendent. The arrest was recorded by a local station, showing Hargrave disapproving of the board’s decision to vote in favor of the superintendent’s new contract, which includes a raise. When a board member called on Hargrave after the vote, she stood up, “Superintendent, how are you going to take a raise when classes have grown from 21 to 29 students? And we have not gotten raises. How are you going to take that money, because it is basically taking it out of the pockets of teachers.”

A board member immediately responded by telling her to “stop”, calling her question irrelevant, but it didn’t stop Hargrave from expressing her first amendment right. The Marshall soon stepped in, urging Hargrave to leave, which she obliged as she continued to express her views. Once she was finally outside, the Marshall handcuffed Hargrave and called for backup to place her in a patrol car, even though the school board has since decided not to press charges.


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