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Someone Drew a Horrible Courtroom Sketch of Taylor Swift During Her Current Trial

Taylor Swift is currently in Denver for a trial in which she alleges a radio DJ groped her during a backstage photo op. Obviously, this is a very serious charge and shouldn't be taken lightly. However, the biggest aspect about her trial on social media hasn't had anything to do with testimony or legal arguments but rather a courtroom sketch of Swift that looks...well...nothing like Taylor Swift. 

Take a look at the sketch that social media has been talking about:

Now, obviously courtroom sketches aren't supposed to be realistic masterpieces. But still...that looks nothing like Taylor Swift. In fact, it doesn't bear any real resemblance to the pop star. And many people on social media have pointed this fact out:

Of course, Swift isn't the first celebrity to have her likeness butchered by a courtroom sketch artist. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was also infamously drawn in an unflattering light during his trial over Deflategate.

To be fair, Taylor Swift's sketch looks like a person, just not Taylor Swift. Brady's sketch looks like the drawing of a half-man/half-demon sent from Hell to win all of our Super Bowls.


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