Tattoos Won't Prevent You From Getting a Job Anymore, According to New Study

Whenever your mom wanted to convince you not to get a tattoo, she would tell you that you'll never get a job if you have one, and she'd hope that you care more about your future career than about getting a tattoo. But it turns out your mom will need to think up a new excuse.

A new study found that the stigma surrounding tattoos in the workplace are pretty much a thing of the past. A survey of 2,000 people across the United States found that employees with tattoos made the same amount of money as employees who did not have tattoos. And the survey also found that prospective employees who had tattoos were just as likely to receive jobs as applicants who did not have tattoos.

The researchers behind the survey said that people simply don't view tattoos as negatively as in the past. People view a tattoo as a form of personal expression, and not the act of someone who's rebellious or dangerous like in the past. It probably helps that around 20 percent of adults, and around 40 percent of millennials, have at least one tattoo. 

So while getting a tattoo may no longer hold the same stigma it once had, we'd still recommend you not get that face tattoo. People are still going to judge you for that.

(h/t RRB News)


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