4 Ways to Up Your Sexy Photo Game

Exchanging sexy pics can be a minefield for the modern man: here are some steps to follow before you hit "send."

1. Make sure you're on the same page

What's your real motive behind initiating sexting? Getting your ego stroked? Showing off the goods? The only good reason to send naked or suggestive photos is this: the other person wants to receive them. So make sure you know you're not imposing on someone who's not into it.

2. Light it up

Good lighting and background make the difference between totally-seductive, and total turn-off. Natural light is always best. Failing that, a few strategically placed lamps in a tidy room can be a great setting for your personal photography project. Remember: no one looks particularly good bathed in the blue light of the laptop screen.

3. Look in the mirror

A photo is more likely to pique interest/arousal if you include some context. So try out a few test shots in your full-length mirror. Rest your hands on your abdomen. Show off a bit of your torso. If you trust the recipient, you can also include your face.

4. If in doubt, don't

Unsolicited, badly-lit, here's-an-object-for-scale dick pics are the scourge of the texting/internet age. If you have any doubts, better to stick with a nice photo of you reading a book, or with a cute dog. If you play you cards right, further photographic forays won't be necessary.


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