Take A Whimsical Trip To The Grocery Store With Jeff Goldblum

Actor, musician and nap enthusiast Jeff Goldblum has one of the most unmistakeable voices in Hollywood. Now, the folks over at Funny or Die have tapped into the inimitable Goldblum magic with a cooking series called Cooking With Jeff. The episode follows Goldblum as he heads to the grocery store, talks with a cheese expert ("If I were a cheese what would I be?" he asks) and makes a delicious-looking soup with food writer Jonathan Gold. 

Check it out below:



Local officials and law enforcers often have fears that allowing legal cannabis shops to operate within their jurisdictions will have detrimental effects. Some people fear that allowing pot shops in their neighborhood will increase violent crime rates, allow young people easier access to the drug and lower the property value of surrounding homes. But is any of that true?

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